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After the announcement of the fourth season of Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin), many people, seeing the protagonist, wondered: how old is Eren? More precisely in this article we will analyze how old is Eren during the seasons of Attack on Titan.

Remember that this article may contain some spoilers from the manga arcs! BEWARE!

Baby Eren (year 835)

how old is eren
Baby Eren and his mother Carla

Eren was born in 835 and the apparition where he is younger takes place in the arms of Carla Jaeger, during the episodes related to the flashbacks of his father Grisha. Here Eren should have just been born (despite the thick hair), or, at most, is 1year old.

Kid Eren (year 845-849)

how old is eren during seasons
Eren as a kid

When the anime begins Eren is a 10 year old boy. After the fall of the Wall Maria, he spent about 5 years with his friends training in the recruits training corps, placing fifth in his regiment.

Teenager Eren (year 850)

how old is eren
Eren teenager

This is the Eren we are used to during the series. After the graduation years our protagonist is about 15 years old. We can think that, while the narrative arcs pass, Eren turns at least 16 years old. But we know that, after the events of the cellar and the discovery of the origin of the giants and the walls, there is a timeskip of several years.

Adult Eren (year 854)

how old is eren
Eren as a young adult

If you don’t know anything about the new arcs that will be part of season 4 of Attack on Titan you must know that, Eren, has become a young adult. In fact, about 4 years have passed since the beach scene. In fact he is now a 20 years old man. In this timeskip Eren had time to clear his mind about Marley’s people, their enemies.

Attack on Titan season 4, when?

Attack on Titan final seson trailer

We all know it even if we don’t want to believe it, the Attack on Titan manga is about to end. According to the producers, season 4 of the anime will be the last. But when will it come out? Currently everything is very confused, initially he had to go out for the autumn season but, given the problems due to the COVID-19 emergency, the exit was postponed. We can speculate that it will be released in the spring season of 2021, but it is only speculation.

Hopefully, doubts about how old is Eren during seasons are dispelled. As you wait for season 4, read a few more articles on undercomic.